Word Weavers’ Society


The word weavers club set up shop in 2010 to provide the students of DPSN a forum to explore their passion for storytelling and spinning magic with words. As a walking-talking think tank, the club encourages students to go beyond the realms of convention and let their imaginations soar. Free-flowing exchange of ideas is the highlight of weekly club meetings as members, carefully sieved from a host of zealous students from classes 6th through 11th, enjoys the pulchritude of fiction. The congregation actively deliberates over literary matters and breathes new life into the capabilities of members. In a nutshell, the word weavers club offers great opportunities for young enthusiasts to read beyond the written word and evolve into creatively awakened individuals. In the New Year the club plans on enlisting the help of ex-students and eminent writers (fingers crossed!) For valuable guidance and to enable young minds to get in touch with the writer hidden within all that grey matter.


Post Bearers:

Secretary: Abhishek Sarin
Secretary: Ritika Ghosh

Vice President: Ankita Sabharwal
Vice President: Aradhana Binani

President: Suvij Sudershan


  • Blog – Created (www.dpsnweavers.wordpress.com)
  • Weekly meetings
  • Badges – Ordered
  • Subsequently plan to engage prominent authors with the program
  • Develop various forms of writing
  • Review various authors and various forms of classical poetry
  • Help each writer to find their own direction and try to help them decide a niche for themselves

List of Members:

Class 6th

Janmejay Sinha
Navya S. Chhabra
Saumya Suneja

Class 7th

Gauri Harindranath
Shreya Raj
Vanshika Dubey
Suhani Adhar

Class 8th

Madhini Subramaniam
Neeraj Meghani
Zainab Batool
Urvi Gupta

Class 9th

Brinda Rastogi
Ragini Khurana

Class 10th

Abhishek Sarin
Devik Agarwal
Zoha Sadaqat
Eman Rahman
Archit Pahwa
Nitika Bakshi
Ritika Ghosh
Venice Varshney
Arushi Vikram
Saharsh Arora

Class 11th

Arjun Khanna
Kartik Bhardwaj
Angana Sinha Ray
Urvija Rishi
Aradhana Binani
Suvij Sudershan

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