SUPW CLASS VII (In-Charge Ms Parul Bhardwaj)

The activities in class VII are being conducted successfully. The activities have started from the new session with  10 clubs in which the students not only learn new things but also enjoy when they are involved in fruitful interactions.

Maths Club                 Ms Aanchal Srivastava

The students were prepared for Maths Quiz , held on 19th July 2011 in AV room, by giving worksheets and conducting demo quiz.

various theorems and results have been explainned through paper folding activities.

Dramatics                    Ms Savita Thapliyal

Ad Mad – students created an advertisement by choosing a brand and product of their own choice.

Speaking a famous dialogue in different styles

Mono acting

Dialogue writing by giving different situation to each group

Literary Club               Ms Neerupama Solanki

Making a comic strip on 4 topics given in class

Story telling in class – any favourite book

Debate on “ Terrorism is not because of any religion

Advertisement – enactment

Science Club               Ms Ranjana Verma

Introduction of lab equipments

Model making- Hot air balloon

Electro quiz box

Motor boat

Electricity models

Collage making on biodiversity, space etc

Handicraft                   Ms Harpreet

Students have been taught  the following:

Pen stand, collage making, fabric painting, rakhi making and decorative gift box, wall hanging, nail art

Quiz Club                    Ms Anuradha Mukherjee

Quizzes have been conducted on the following topics;

Plant and animal life, sports literature films historical monuments advertisement taglines .

Computer Club                       Ms Bindu Pandey

Students are acquainted with the ‘ Photoshop’ software that enables image editing and processing.

In addition to the above mentioned clubs students also go for vocal  and instrumental music, dance .

They also play matches in the Chess Club under the guidance of Mr Tewari.

Each group has also been sent to witness the demonstration of “ paper recycling unit” , which has been the most interesting feature this year. Students have recycled the old papers and circulars into useful sheets using which beautiful cards have been designed.



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