A plethora of activities are organised for the students of class9.The entire 9th wing indulge in feverish activity every Friday during the SUPW period.The activities are meticulously planned and executed by the teachers as per the requirements of the CCE curriculum.This year cookery and painting have also been added to the list of existing activities like Computers skills, Event Management, Gardening & Environment.The students take part wholeheartedly and are passionately involved in executing tasks as they are graded for their work.

Event Management-The session started with students discussing the importance of management in organising any event. The fact that this industry has grown manifold in the last few years is axiomatic.First,the students were asked to prepare the Budget for a given month and were also given a list of emergency numbers.Next they planned their own birthday party and learnt how to organise it well. In one class students made invitation cards and wrote out the invites.The activity involving gift wrapping was a roaring success. They also organised party games and planned a menu .The presentations made in class after every activity were interesting and well appreciated. The work done by the students is maintained in a folder.

Gardening &Environment-This activity endeavours to sensitize students to their environment .A number of related activities have been conducted. The students visited the paper re-cycling plant of DPSN and made paper. They used this paper to make simple carry bags. The students have also been informed about the uses and importance of medicinal plants and keenly participated in growing them in the school garden. How to make organic colours and vegetable and fruit printing have also been taught.

Art-The budding artists express their feelings on canvas with water and oil paints. They are extremely good at drawing still-life, landscapes and figures.

The cookery activity is well patronized by both girls and boys.Emphasis is laid on making sumptious and healthy food.The students are taught to prepare diet sheets in keeping with the age and health requirements of an individual. The preparations are presented interestingly and are a delectable treat.

The most popular activity is the Computer club .The students explore the cyber world through a variety of activities.They also learn gaming, web designing,movie making and photo shop





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