I Decide Club ( 2 )

I Decide Club


• Siddhartha Sinha & Uday Anand conducted
a Workshop on HIV/AIDS and Sexual Awareness on 23rd December 2008 for the
boys of class 9th. The module consisted of a presentation, group discussions
and an interactive doubt clearing session. The workshop was made interesting
by a quiz on HIV/AIDS. The workshop was received very well by all the students.

• A workshop on substance abuse was conducted for class 8th
students in October 2008.All I DECIDE club members were a part of the workshop
which went off very well.

• On 12th September 2008, a workshop on” parenting the adolescents
“ was conducted for the parents of class 6th students by Mrs. Arshiya

• On 16th September 2008, a group discussion on bullying and discipline
related problems for students of class 6th took place. It was conducted
by Pragati Mitta, Sanya Kapur, Chanda Jain and a few other students.

• Operation”SPARKLE” throughout the year 2008 and 2009

• On 28th March 2009 a workshop on HIV/AIDS and life skills was conducted
for class 10th girls. THe workshop was conducted by the teacher incharges,
Mrs. Avantika Arora and Mrs. Rekha Pillai. The student peer educators were
Pavleen Kaur, Aarushie Sharma and Tanya Kak. The workshop was received well
by all those who attended it.

• On 28th March 2009 the boys of class 10th were shown movie clips
regarding HIV/AIDS which was followed by a group discussion. The module
which also consisted of a refresher session was conducted by master peer
educators Siddharth Sinha (Class 12th -A) and Uday Vir Anand (10th -H).
The session was quite interactive and was received well by all the students.

• The ‘I Decide’ club of the school conducted a workshop for all students
of class X ‘Success Strategies’ on the 24th of March, 2009, Tuesday in the
M P Hall. The programme was started by our Principal, Mrs. N. Sehgal addressing
the students in the board class. Dr. Avantika Arora, then took a session
on smart study skills, time management and mnemonics. Mrs. Indu Yadav, Mrs.
Manocha, Mrs. Nidhi Singh, Mrs. Brinda Mukherjee and Mrs. Neeraj Kochar
gave students subject specific tips to study.

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