I Decide Club

The I DECIDE club of DPS Noida was formed in 2007 under the guidelines of UNODC and aims to create awareness among students regarding issues like HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, peer pressure,bullying,discipline etc. The club was officially launched in April 2008 and the badging ceremony took place in January 2009.
In the first week of August the members of the I-Decide Club organised a workshop for creating awareness among the students of classed IX & X about substance abuse, a sensitive issue which has set its roots in adolescents.The peer educators who conducted the workshop are as follows :-

  1. Ankita Sabbarwal
  2. Ashish Solanki
  3. Eman Rehman
  4. Mohak Kapoor
  5. Rushali Bhandari
  6. Anushka
  7. Saumya Dewan
  8. Mahir Pandhi
  9. Navya
  10. Mehak Koachar

Teacher In-charges

  1. Mrs. Rekha Pillai
  2. Mrs. Avantika Arora
  3. Mrs.Monica Kaushik

The workshop was started by Ashish Solanki quoting his own personal experience and the self realisation that he immediately discovered along with the unavoidable and unforgiving consequences of drugs. The workshop further continued with a heart racking clipping of an episode on alcoholism from Amir Khan’s Show Satyamev Jayate which enlightened the students about the effects and what exactly constitutes ‘ Substance Abuse’. As our generation is looking for new means of entertainment they usually fail to see the cons. Through a play enacted by Mahir Pandhi, Rushali Bhandari, Mehak kochar and Ankita Sabbarwal in which a road accident further cleared their concepts regarding drug abuse and its consequences. The peers were educated about abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. They were firmly stated that the tables have turned and those who indulge in substance abuse are looked down upon and pitied by the society. It does not give a ‘COOL STATEMENT’ but a sense of desperation and seakness. With the help of this workshop we could surely conclude that may not all but many lives are spared by the devil hands of drugs abuse. The second workshop conducted too included major issues: drug and alcohol abuse along with nicotine addiction. As prompt questions were released by eager students present, they were answered with enthusiasm. Students were explained the risk that included HIV, addiction suicide and what not. PPT presentation was prepared along with a short play where students from the crowd were asked to participate to make their understanding of constitution, effects and risk they would face if they indulge into substance abuse. The workshop ended with eager faces anxious to participate in any future workshop where they could have an opportunity to help others.


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