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Theatre club has been active since the last 8 years.The aim of this club is to hone children’s talent and potential.Many workshops have been organised during summers.Director of Asmita Group Dr. Arvind Gaur conducted 6 workshops and different plays have been sucessfully staged by the students like Mote Ram Shastri, Ek Mamooli Aadmi and Signal.Teachers Incharge: Dr. Rupali Srivastava and Ms. Deepika Malhotra.

SESSION 2014 – 15

The Dramatics Club of DPS Noida has shown its resilience to excel once again through receiving several accolades in the last few weeks. Along with this, it continues to strive to inspire young minds and familiarize them with the grace and elegance of lady theatre.

18th July 2014 : – Theatre club Mukhaute took an audition of the students of class VI on 18th July in the A.V.room. There were 85 students in this audition programme. Senior students of class X and XI were helping the teacher to choose the little actors. Small plots were given to the students and they had to perform. We selected 50 students in the 1st round. After this we called these selected 50 students for the final round. This time students had prepared some dialogues and some scenes.30 students were selected in this final round. All the selected students were very good in acting.

1st August 2014 : – 14 students of Dramatics went to Pragyan School for Nukkad Natak competition based on Social issue. Our school got 2nd position.There were 16 schools in this competition. Our students acted very well. They are trying to spread awareness through their act in the society. Time limit of the play was 10 minutes

8th August 2014 : – 6 students of Dramatics club Mukhaute went to D.P.S. Vasant Kunj for Inter school Nukkad Natak Competition. Subject of the Nukkad Natak was Global Warming. Our school got the 1st prize. There were 22 schools in this competition.Time limit of the Play was 5 minutes. Our students learnt how to save our Earth through our small actions.

2nd September 2014 : – AD MAD/MUSKURAHAT

On the 2nd day of September the dramatics club invited member students to attend “Muskurahat”. The students were of class’s 7th and 8th standard. The students present displayed their acting abilities brilliantly through the comical skits they had prepared. The students of the 8th standard also made short innovative advertisements which they enacted in the ‘Ad-Mad’ segment of the day. The students were told to be unhesitant in asking help from their seniors and teachers who obliged to help them at any difficulty they faced. The gathering was adorned with the presence of our esteemed principal, vice principal and headmistress who took time out of their busy itinerary to witness the event.

16th October 2014 : – DPS BULANDSHAHAR

After the former’s success the club decided to venture in to new heights of achievements. Our performing team went to DPS Bulandshahar and participated in an Inter-DPS dramatics competition based on Hindi idioms. Our team enacted a “nukkar natak” the idiom “jab jago wahi sawera”. Our schools once again established its superiority by coming first out of 17 participating schools.

5th November 2014 : – MUKHAUTE

In keeping with the schools age old tradition in welcoming people, the dramatics club did not shy out of organizing an interschool competition. The dramatics club organized the ‘2nd annual interschool dramatics competition- Mukhaute’. It turned out to be a gala event where teamwork was omnipresent which is so frequently taught in our institution. All the member students and some non member students tirelessly worked. While those who acted stayed back and rehearsed endlessly others too gave them company by staying back preparing the decorations. Students of class 8th and 9th were told to make masks while the students of 10th were requested to help by writing famous words said by dramatists, poets and others on theatre; so all of this could be used to decorate the school. By the end of it the M.P Hall got a makeover and so did the passage leading to it. On the 5th day of November, 9 different schools came to compete to the prospect of showcasing their talents successfully and spreading awareness of social complications and with the longing of winning. The schools were given the topics

  • Kya karein control nahin hota!
  • Mudda nahin to rajneeti nahin
  • Jaisi aapki marzi
  • Kar bhal so ho bhala

And were told to enact an act play of 6-7 minutes. All the schools performed phenomenally. DPS Greater Noida and DPS Noida bagged the first prize followed by DPS Vasant Kunj and DPS Indirapuram as 1st and 2nd runner-up respectively. The award of best script went to DPS Noida and the award for best actor was shared amongst DPS Greater Noida and DPS Noida. The event was a success and a celebration of the greatness of the stage and how it can convey so much

We members of the dramatics club yearn to perennially tread this path of success and inspire others in this magical journey of ours. With the evident support of our students and the valuable acknowledgement of our principle we can only hope that our future endeavors soar as high and possibly higher so that together we can all reach a new –unprecedented- cultural prosperity.

SESSION 2013 – 14


  • Our school was invited to witness and participate in ”Dramatheos13” hosted by DPS Mathura Road. The event had two categories –
    1. Dramageddon-Lights! Camera! Action! This phrase echoed in the auditorium as the participating school enacted the bollywood movies given to them.
      our school was given the movie ‘Peepli Live’, and six students of dramatics club got the opportunity to participate.
      we got the first prize in this category.
    2. Trivia-this category had a quiz about hollywood and bollywood. Two students of our school participated in this event and won third prize.
  • All the students of Dramatics club from classes VI -X stayed back for club meeting on 13.11.2013.Interesting exercises to enhance vocal system were done for ten minutes and children did this in well mannered. Short stories and plot of the play were given to students. They had to present the story in drama form. They presented the stories beautifully and in very dramatic way.
  • 4 students of Dramatics club went to Cambridge Noida for Nukkad Natak competition on 22.11.13.There were 19 schools in the competition and topic of the nukkad natak was Samajik samasya. Title of the Nukkad Natak of D.P.S.Noida was ‘Nayee Kahani Baat Purani’. Our school came third in the competition.

    Session 2012 – 13…

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