Debating Club (Session 2012 – 13)

Debating Club

Aim of  Debating Club {Hindi} is  to  make  our  students  confident,expressive and good speaker.
Debates  have been  organized  in  the  classrooms  with  the  particular  lessons  like  Kaamchor, Bus ki  yatra and Dharm  ki  aad. There  is  100%  participation  in  this  activity.
Club  is going to  organize  an  intersection  debate competition for  the  students  of  class IX  and  X  on  12.12.11.

2012 – 13



  • 20 July 2012. A workshop conducted by Debating Society ‘WORDZ’ was attended by 25 students and 3 teachers.( Rekha Jha, Rachna Narang, and Rupam Jaiswal). It was very educative and fruitful as a new format of Parliamentary Form of debate was introduced.
  • 24 Aug 2012. Debating Club organized a workshop to select members from classes vi – xi. It was monitored and assisted by teachers and two ex debaters, Ritwik Mallik and Mayank Goyal. Two hour long session could select 120 students. The selection rounds were planned by organizing group discussions on the different topics given to each class.
  • 15 Oct 2012. A workshop cum selection camp was held to select participants for Final Inter School Debate Competition of DPS Society scheduled to be held on 23rd Nov.’12 at DPS Panipat. Aiman Hashmi of Class xii (h) and Eman Rahman of Class xi (i) were selected to speak ‘For’ and ‘Against’ respectively. Rekha Jha will accompany the team.
  • 16 Oct 2012. A Workshop cum Selection round for willing participants of Classes XI and XII for Abhimanyu Memorial Debate was held. There was overwhelming response from the children.


  • 4 May 2012. An Inter School Debate was conducted by DPS Mathura Road on “Women today are more discriminated against than blessed”. Following students participated :-
    • Shantanu Derhgawen – ‘For’
    • Aiman Hashmi – ‘Against’
    • Rishita Jha – ‘Interjector’
      Aiman Hashmi was declared ‘The Best Speaker’. Our school team bagged the overall winner trophy.
  • 8 Nov 2012. An Inter Section Debate for Class VI was organized by the club. The topic was “ Should children be given freedom to choose their subjects”. Kriti Ahuja of Class VI © and Kriti Joshi VI (g) were declared First and Second respectively.
  • 26 July 2012. Inter English debate was held at DPS Maruti Kunj. Aiman Hashmi and Rudra Aggarwal spoke ‘Against’ and ‘For’ respectively. Aiman was declared the best Speaker / Interjector. Our school team was the over all winner and got the Winners Trophy.
  • 03 Aug 2012. Suvi,j Dhananjai and Aiman participated in an Inter School Debate at Air Force School Suborto Park. N. Delhi.
  • 18 Aug 2012. Inter School ‘Point Counter Point’ competition was conducted by Amity International at Vasundhara, Sect 6. Ashish Solanki and Kritika Paniker were the participants.
  • 18 Aug 2012. Parliamentary Debate conducted by ‘ WORDZ’ at India Habitat Centre, N. Delhi was a thrilling and unique experience for our participants. Elakhya, Ritika Ghosh and Suvij had participated. Our Team was declared the “WINNER”.
  • 6 Oct 2012. DPS R. K. Puram conducted “ Turncoat Debate”. Aiman Hashmi was the Winner and Shantanu came 3rd.
  • 17 Oct 2012. Vishwa Bharti Noida conducted an Inter School Debate. Neeraj Meghani, Arushi Shekhar and Rishita Jha participated .

    Future Planning

    07 Nov 2012 Abhimanyu Memorial Inter School Debate has been planned on the above date in our school. Instructions have been issued to all concerned.

Rekha Jha
( Club Incharge)

2011 – 12

  • Three  students  went  to  Vasant Valley  School  for  “Aaj Tak Vaad- Vivaad Pratiyogita in October 2011.”Topic of Debate was provided  there only. Students got one hour to prepare the Debate.They got a good exposure and did well but not get any prize.

    Name  of  the  students were-

    1. Abhilasha Singh-X F
    2. Aiman Hashmi-XI F
    3. Shantanu Dergave- XI B
  • The following students participated and qualified for the semi
    final round in The Air Force School, Subroto Park Annual Inter-School Debate
    on 27th & 28th July 2011:

    1. Shantanu Derhgawen XI B
    2. Shambhavi Sharma XII I
    3. Krithika Panicker XI B
    4. Shantanu won the Best Interjector Award.
  • The following students
    participated in DPS Society National Level Debate held at DPS Navi Mumbai
    on 30th July 2011:

    1. Uday Anand XII E
    2. Mayank Goel XII F
    3. Himanil Raina XII I
  • New members were recruited into the club from classes Xth and
    XIth after holding a series of Group Discussions.

  • The school registered for the prestigious Debating Matters India,
    2011. The team which will be participating in this event consists of the
    following members :

    1. Himanil Raina XII I
    2. Sameera Rao XII I
    3. Tanya Kak XII I
    4. Shambhavi Sharma XII I
    5. Ritwik Mallik XII E
    6. Shantanu Derhgawen XI B


  •  The 10th Dhryv Rajgarhia Memorial Inter School Debate Competition at DPS  R.K.Puram was held on 25. The participants were Bhavesh Seth, Krithika Panicker and Suvij Sudershan of class XI.


  • The school debating team participated in the Regional Finals of the Debating Matters of India competition organised by the British Council. The team successfully qualified for the New Delhi regional finals held in Delhi on 21 Sept. In the keenly contested competition with 11 other teams, Himanil Raina and Ritwik Mallik got special commendation. The team members were , besides these two, Sameera Rao, Shambhavi Sharma, Tanya Kak and Shantanu Derhgawan.


  • Aiman Hashmi, Krithika Panicker and Suyash Dubey of class XI participated in the S N Ganju Inter School Debate at Vishwa Bharati Public School, Noida on the 19 Oct. The team performance was appreciated by all. However, the team did not get any prize.


  • In the Inter  DPS English Language Festival’ A Thousand Splendid Suns’ 2011 hosted by DPS Rohini, Himanil Raina bagged the Best Speaker award and the team comprising Himanil, Ritwik Mallik and Sameera Rao of class XII were adjudged the Runners Up.
  • The team  comprising Ritwik Mallim of class XII and Roshni Ohri and Bhavesh Seth of class XI participated in the Inter School Debate held in Sommerville Public School, Greater Noida.


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