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The debating Club of DPS Noida with a membership of 130 competent debaters across  classes VI-XII is a coveted club, each member trying to carve a niche in the battle of wits and words. The club is a walking think-tank, abreast with the latest styles and different formats of debating. The unbridled curiosity and unfettered thought and expression have enabled the debating club to question the warranted, to debate pertinent issues and reach informed and substantial conclusions. Frequent workshops are held to familiarize the students with the ever changing format of debates and hone their public speaking skills.

The Club aims to provide a significant training ground for the development of its members. All activities have been designed to enhance the oratory skills of the students.

The club plans to have a stay back fortnightly to train/ guide the students for Inter- School and Inter- section competitions.

The students participated in various Inter- School competitions. The achievements of the club in the first term are:

1.         On 26th July 2016, Abhiraj Singh and Aditya Tiwari of class IX participated in the debate competition in Apeejay School on the topic ,”If you want peace, be ready for war.” Aditya Tiwari was adjudged the Third Best Speaker.

2.         Ayuj Consul and Navya Simran Chhabra of class XI participated in a debate competition in Amity School, Vasundhara on 3rd August, 2016. The topic of the debate was, “ A Just Government must prioritise Civil Liberties over National Security.” Navya bagged the Second Position.

3.         A Debate competition was held on 3rd August 2016 in  Pragyan School on the topic,”Being literate is different from being educated.” Pooja Saluja and Udityavardhan of classes VI & VII bagged the First  Position.

4.         Mohd. Arham, Ayuj Consul and Rakshita of class XI participated in a debate competition in Pragyan School on 4th August 2016.The Topic of the debate was ,”Europian Union Referendum – Will India Benefit from Brexit?” The team won the First Posititon.

5.         Shanaaya Suneja of class XI and Garima Saluja of Class X participated in a debate competition in Cambridge school on 2nd September 2016 on the topic, “Social Networking sites are simply a means of stalking people.” The Team received a special mention from the judges.

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