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Visit of Astronomy Club, DPS NOIDA to Sariska, October – November 2014

Exploring Space is one of the most inquisitive things that children can be engaged in. The activities of the astronomy club at DPS, Noida provides a great opportunity to learn and explore space using innovative methods. It is a part of this learning experience that the Astronomy Club organised a study tour to Sariska, Rajasthan for module 1 and 2 children ( class VI & VII) during October 30.11.2014 to 1.11.2014. The main objective of the visit was to learn more about deep sky, locating consetallions and to do astrophotography.

Module 2 astronomy club of class VII comprising of 30 students was accompanied by two teachers. It was a two night programme. First day on reaching Sariska, they had a theoretical session on Nebulas, multi galaxies followed by locating various galaxies and spotting of stars and consetellations. Second day, a theoretical session on handling professional cameras and capturing motion of stars was taught. At the end, children had the hands on experience of lacting far off stars and capturing motion of stars with professional cameras.
Module ! astronomy club of Class VI comprising of 102 students was accompanied by four teachers on 31.10. 2014 to Sariska. Their session focuses on learning the modalities to locate stars and consetallions. They were also taught to uses planosphere.. a guide map to locate various stars and consetallations.
Both module 1 and 2 children returned back the following day with much more curiosity to learn more about space.

Month: May -October 2013

DPS Noida has taken an initiative to have an Astronomy Club in order to inculcate the spirit of Astronomy in our young Aspirants of Class VI .Our Astronomy Club, in collaboration with Antriksh Education for class 6th students became functional in the month of May’2013. Its aim is to make them aware of different beautiful pattern in the sky.These young aspirants (40 students of class 6th ), members of Astronomy Club, had various sessions starting from measuring circumference of earth to Sun, clicking pictures of various planets, knowledge of time ,solar system and comets was also given leading to making a model of a comet using power point presentation and various activities and were then finally taken on an excursion to Sariska located at Haryana on 31st October’2013 for Night sky observation. The students located pole star, zodiac signs, different constellations, Jupiter along with two moons and Saturn along with its beautiful rings with the help of high resolution telescopes and astronomical telescope. It was quite an enriching learning experience for the students.They enjoyed every moment of the session. Every session proves to be a great learning experience for the students.

Astronomy Club Incharge

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